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February 5, 2011
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Hetalia OCs by NamiOki Hetalia OCs by NamiOki

So, this weekend we went to Ohayocon and of course I got to see my lovely Ohio friends :heart: that I love ever so much :love: <3 and on the way back down, I was recalling a conversation I had with Maddy about if we were in Hetalia, who we would be. I thought a bit more about it, and asked Hannah, Vanessa, Anna and Emily as well, and on a creative spurt just decided to draw us all out.

:iconnamioki: = Hawaii
:iconvanessa-lee: = India
:iconsakuramizukaze: = Portugal
:iconishimarumichiyo: = Vienna
:iconfrancisxarthur: = Tallin
:iconmikumiutomo: = New Prussia
:iconlastquincygirl: = Quebec

^^ I hope you guys like it, I tried drawing in the Hetalia style just for a simple change in pace haha :)

Here's a little bit of background (and some of my random creativeness) for ya on each person:

Hawaii: She's a quiet, introverted girl who loves to sit back and relax, watching the waves on the beach. Her biggest downfall is leaving herself vulnerable to attack, and being very neutral/peaceful. Others admire her and love going to her house, but she gets nervous in big crowds. When the sun sets, however, a new side comes out and she turns into a party animal! Her lands are filled with over-priced housing and she can get overwhelmed easily, so she has gotten to the point where she just likes to kick back and relax, forgetting about her worries.

India: She is a very beautiful young woman with a heart the size of her own country. Very caring and generous, she established a trade route with England, in what the news would consider a "special relation," just as Winston Churchill described Us-Uk relations a few centuries back. (The tea-trading they have today makes for a great historical canon x3). She is closely allied with those she wouldn't dare leave, being the loyal country she is.

Portugal: A very outgoing, sweet, motherly nation, Portugal lives with Spain at his house. She is one of the care-takers of S. Italy, and helped raise him alongside her friends. She is always smiling and kind to others, even though her country exhibits a high poverty level. She loves bright colors and music, soccer being a big sport in her country. South Italy often gets aggrivated with Spain and her being so optimistic, but deep down, he has a love for her that would never die out. She loves to keep things tidy.

Vienna: A strong, silent, and beautiful nation all on its own, Vienna is the servant of Austria. She is quiet most of the time, and very loyal to her friends. When faced with a problem, Vienna gets to thinking very critically, and is often successful in whatever she does. Her house is filled with beautiful, ancient architecture, and many people admire all of the history that is kept standing. She is a good nation to have as an ally... Just make sure you don't get on her bad side!

Tallin: A quiet, shy and often found very strange girl, Tallin is Estonia's loyal friend and assistant. She knows a lot about history and the rennaisance all over the world, castles and mythology being some of her favorite topics. Quite curious about other nations, she tries to understand everything there is to know about others, but is often brought down by Russia. She lives in fear of the Soviets, just like the Baltics, and longs for freedom. She is very close with Estonia.

Quebec: Outgoing, noisy, and very hard-headed, Quebec is the sister of Canada and America, taking on the traits of America but the style of Canada. She loves to make others laugh and have snowball fights. Claimed to be the "daughter" of France and Canada, she has a soft spot for both nations, and can recognize Canada easily whereas others cannot. She is very loyal to France, even claimed to having special relations with him. She keeps her neutrality and nobody seems to challenge it, leaving her with a free-willed, happy life.

New Prussia: She is awesome, just like her ancestor, Prussia. Having been said to be the "love child" between Canada and Prussia, she takes on Canada's style, but keeps her Prussian personality very public. Just like Quebec, she engages in serious snowball fights and stays neutral, but loves to pick on Canada and anybody else who strikes as an annoyance to her. She is often seen as cocky and arrogant, but she has reason to be - She's related to the all powerful and mighty Prussia!
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HermioneandtheDOCTOR Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I love Quebec and New Prussia but Vanessa is not an Indian name
NamiOki Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
It's not her name, haha it's my friend's name.
CuteHetalian Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
Can we all agree that New Prussia is PruCan's love child and OMG my name is Emily
sillylily278 Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
YES!!! I am New Prussia! :chairdance: 
(My name is Emily)
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awesome work.
NamiOki Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you!! :heart:
sherbetkitty Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
i was wondering if i can use your OC for Hawaii? I'm doing a story for my OC Tasmanian( 'cause, y'know, i live there). I need some other islands to be her friends. Plus a lot of it revolves around surfing.
NamiOki Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Surely!! I'd love to get a link back, please! C:
sherbetkitty Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
sure! now i just have to find some other island OC's... dammit! do you know how many islands and places don't have official characters? it's just weird.
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